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Tooth extraction, exodontia, exodontics, or informally, toothpulling 
Teeth cleaning is part of oral hygiene and involves the removal of dental plaque from teeth with the intention of preventing cavities 
restore a tooth damaged by decay back to its normal function
Oral Screenings
an examination performed by a dentist or doctor to look for signs of cancer.
a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis.
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Welcome to Marion D.D.S

Dr. Valerie Hyatt and staff would like to welcome you to Marion D.D.S. located in the heart of downtown Marion, NC.  We want to ensure that your visit to our office is informative and pleasant.  We hope to meet your dental needs and want to see you smile!  Please take a few minutes to review our website and gain information about our practice. 

Whats's New

We are excited to be an official sponsor of the 33rd Annual  2016 Mountain Glory Festival.

We are PROUD to be a member of the 
McDowell Chamber of Commerce

We would like to thank local artist 
Don Balke  for the beautiful paintings featured in our office.
Come in today and meet with one of our remarkable Dentists.
  1. by Steven H. Bush
    "Clean, Friendly and Caring Business that takes great care of the patient. All procedues are explained in a manner that is understandable. Great Job!" (5 stars)
  2. by Anonymous
    "great office" (5 stars)
  3. by Stephanie Roland
    "Everyone at Marion DDS helps to alleviate any anxiety about going to the dentist and is helpful in answering any questions I may have." (5 stars)
  4. by Anonymous
    "Professional - Kind - Compassionate" (5 stars)
  5. by Anonymous
    "Very helpful and friendly staff and dentist." (5 stars)
  6. by Anonymous
    "This practice is so nice! Everyone is very friendly and I actually enjoy coming to the dentist now. My teeth always feel clean and taken great care of when I come here. Thank you!" (5 stars)
  7. by Hendrick Suarez
    "My son has special needs, he's one of those patient's who can't stay still. The doctors at DDS were very patient and caring." (5 stars)
  8. by Ashley Hoskins
    "Great service, Friendly, helpful." (5 stars)
  9. by Susan McGee
    "The best dentist office ever!!" (5 stars)
  10. by Kerry Davis
    "Excellent care for adults and children alike." (5 stars)
  11. by Frieda Willis
    "Very professional and caring practice. Always feel comfortable and well cared for!" (5 stars)
  12. by Anonymous
    "Top notch practice no wait times very courteous staff highly recommend" (5 stars)
  13. by Anonymous
    "No waiting time. Immediate attention. I've been here three times and staff is always professional and courteous and gentle with techniques. Thank you, all you pleasant people." (5 stars)
  14. by Amanda Edwards
    "I have been a lifelong patient at the office and now my kids go here as well. I love the staff and couldn't imagine going anywhere else." (5 stars)
  15. by Denise H
    "Great place to establish your dental service" (5 stars)
  16. by Anonymous
    "Love the service I received. Great staff and very friendly." (5 stars)
  17. by Sharon Heter
    "I'm very satisfied with your service." (5 stars)
  18. by Anonymous
    "Good treatment!" (5 stars)
  19. by Pat Arrowood
    "I have always been pleased with my teeth. Everyone is always so sweet and kind to me. I have been here for over 50 years, raised 3 children right here. Their teeth are beautiful. Super job! Team!" (5 stars)
  20. by Keisha M. Hastings
    "*Staff is always courteous and willing to go the extra mile to make my child feel comfortable. *Excellent customer service! *Child looks forward to coming. *All staff is knowledgeable and answer my questions completely and thoroughly." (5 stars)
  21. by Carolyn Baucom
    "Caring, efficient, courteous." (5 stars)
  22. by Anonymous
    "Very professional and kind. Great experience. Very highly recommend." (5 stars)
  23. by Max Holland
    "Great Work, No problem." (5 stars)
  24. by C.W, Smith
    "Just finished with my dental appointment, Cleaning and filling. If you need a dentist this is the place to come. Very professional, everyone from the time you enter the door until you leave. Just cant wait until my next appointment. Took care of all my problems and answered all my questions. Thanks Every One." (5 stars)
  25. by Betty Hall
    "Very gentle, and really nice." (5 stars)
  26. by Rita Christopher
    "I have had great treatment and excellent care. The staff are friendly and really care." (5 stars)
  27. by Jerry Schronce
    "Excellent job! Made me feel like you care about my thoughts. You give me a chance to speak and ask me my opinions. I have my smile back with no pain. Great staff!" (5 stars)
  28. by Amber
    "Excellent service with a smile!" (5 stars)
  29. by Ken Hollifield
    "Very pleased with the entire staff. Every part of contact from the front office through the actual dental procedure has been very professional. Makes going to the dentist a very relaxing experience." (5 stars)
  30. by Robby Revis
    "Very gentle, and thorough at the same time. Real professional!" (5 stars)
  31. by Anonymous
    "I am a new patient as is my husband and we both have been very pleased with the service we have received. The dentist is very knowledgeable and quick to find any problems you may have." (5 stars)
  32. by Anonymous
    "Great service & a warm personality of all the staff. Great folks." (5 stars)
  33. by Anonymous
    "Excellent staff and Doctor - Give you a feeling like family - Comfortable environment." (5 stars)
  34. by Kathy
    "This office makes it a pleasure to go to the dentist! The caring staff, friendly atmosphere and professional care is a welcome change to many medical offices. The wonderful respect offered to my aging father is very much appreciated!" (5 stars)
  35. by Sheila Ward
    "The staff is always so willing and helpful. The Dr always takes time to explain any procedures so you feel comfortable." (5 stars)
  36. by Deborah Renfro
    "Very professional, would recommend to everyone." (5 stars)
  37. by Anonymous
    "The staff was very efficient and caring. Very speedy with appointment times. Dentist was very careful of your concerns." (5 stars)
  38. by Donna Bemont
    "Professional, friendly staff. Caring Doctor - very gentle. Would highly recommend to new patients!" (5 stars)
  39. by Kathy Crawley
    "Always very friendly and kind and very helpful with my dental care." (5 stars)
  40. by Mark
    "Office staff are very friendly; Everything went great as usual! Thanks!" (5 stars)
  41. by Anonymous
    "I came here when I was younger now I bring my three year older daughter! Staff is amazing. Works great with children! Excellent!!!" (5 stars)
  42. by Anonymous
    "I receive wonderful care & concern for my dental health. Any questions I have are answered professionally." (5 stars)
  43. by Lisa Allman
    "Everyone always does an excellent job!" (5 stars)
  44. by Anonymous
    "I would like to start out by saying that the ladies @ Marion DDS are the most professional @ what they do. I've had some dental issues that I don't think I would've trusted anyone else to do. Not only have they been there for me as my dentist and her assistants, but also took the time to comfort me and talk me through some difficult dental issues. I would recommend anyone reading this that needs dental issues to give them a call." (5 stars)
  45. by Melba Randolph
    "Everyone is very professional, kind and courteous and efficient and friendly. They make my visits as pleasant as possible." (5 stars)
  46. by James H
    "I drive 40 MILES out of my way because this group of Dental Professionals are excellent & gentle (I hate pain!). I highly recommend Amber as your next hygienist because she's quick and thorough and NEVER causes me discomfort." (5 stars)
  47. by Norma
    "I can honestly say I enjoy going to the dentist. I get nervous but the staff are so friendly and kind that they have a way of making me feel at ease. I have been going to the office since I was young and now take my daughter as well. I would not go anywhere else." (5 stars)
  48. by Leslie
    "Just like to say thanks for being so kind and courteous as a dentist. Marion DDS is very respectful and highly recommended to anyone needing an dentist or needing a GREAT dental experience. The staff is very professional and truly cares about you and helping you get the best dental health. Going to the dentist now is not a dread. Your kindness is appreciated." (5 stars)
  49. by Anonymous
    "I was taken in to be seen immediately after arriving. I was treated professionally as well as friendly. It was noted all employees cared about you as well as your teeth." (5 stars)
  50. by Anonymous
    "i just moved to the area, plus I work retail; my schedule is a bear. Before calling to make an appointment this morning I took out the calendar and circled all my days off for the next three months. When she asked me if I had time this morning I almost died of shock. The receptionist was a peach. The hygienist was a doll, (didn't try to floss me to death.) The dentist was quick and professional. Visit was perfect!" (5 stars)
  51. by Anonymous
    "They are wonderful workers, and always know how to put a smile on my face. Thank you Marion DDS!" (5 stars)
  52. by dental greeter
    "Very friendly staff, always service with a smile. I went in a little grumpy and left laughing. That's why I go back. :)" (5 stars)
  53. by Melinda M
    "I really appreciate the ladies at Marion DDS because even though I was late for my appointment, they showed me the same excellent care and attention as they always do when I'm on time! :) Thank you!" (5 stars)
  54. by anonymous
    "Wonderful dental office highly recommend ! You have great staff very friendly great dental rates with professional number one care !" (5 stars)
  55. by Anonymous
    "I have never been so comfortable and at ease at a dental office. Everyone is friendly and makes you feel at ease. I have had many cleanings and a crown performed and have no complaints with the work being performed. I highly recommend the office to anyone looking for a dentist" (5 stars)
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